Beautiful Inside

Having a properly detailed interior can make all the difference in the feel and look of your interior. At Pristine we try to keep things simple. Below you will find two primary options. If you wish to have additional services included, please refer to the “add-ons” section.

*It is recommended to have protection added to the interior fabrics, leather, and plastics following your interior detail to ensure your interior stays protected for the life of ownership.


Level 1

Recommended for vehicles needing a thorough interior cleaning

  • Complete wipe-down
  • High-intensity vacuum
  • Shampoo and steam clean upholstery (if applicable)
  • Clean leather seats (if applicable)
  • Shampoo and steam clean floors and mats
  • Blowout crevices
  • Clean windows
  • Clean door jambs

Average work time: 2-4 hours


Level 2

Recommended for vehicles needing a deep cleaning that have excessive dirt, pet hair, staining, or odor

  • Complete wipe-down
  • Steam clean vents
  • High-intensity vacuum
  • Shampoo and steam clean upholstery (if applicable)
  • Hot water extract upholstery
  • Clean and condition leather seats (if applicable)
  • Clean seat belts
  • High-intensity blowout
  • Shampoo and steam clean floors and mats
  • Steam clean headliner
  • Clean windows
  • Clean door jambs

Average work time: 3-5 hours

Add-on Services

Please select your vehicle size to see correct pricing


Xpel Upholstery Coating

Interior: (Carpets, mats, plastics, leather, upholstery)

​​This service is perfect for anyone looking to preserve the fabrics and interior surfaces from staining, discoloration, and deterioration. This package repels and seals your interior for the ultimate interior protection. Whether it be your kid hauler or exotic, your interior will thank you.

​Average work time: 6-7 hours


Leatherique Treatment

Enhanced conditioner to penetrate and rejuvenate your leather to its most supple state.

This service is highly recommended to vehicles with leather that has wear, minor cracking, and a hardened feel.


Leather Conditioning

Rejuvenate and restore your leather.


Fabric Protectant

Enhance your interior detail with added protection to your carpet floors keeping them looking great and minimize the likelihood of permanent staining!

Pet Hair Removal

Pet hair can be a very tricky task to pull out of the fibers of your carpets and seats. It takes a skilled detailer with the right tools to properly remove. Without the correct methods used, a “quick detail” can lead to your interior smelling like a wet dog.

*Price based on vehicle inspection.


Odor / Mold Removal

​There are many ways mold and odor can grow inside of your vehicle. Leaving it unattended in your car is not only an eyesore but is actually a health hazard. We take progressive measures to ensure the extraction process is thorough to safely rid the bacteria from your fabrics and plastics.

Must have our Level 2 Detail completed.

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